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Where Can You Get an Oil Change in Manchester, NH?

Getting your vehicle’s oil changed is crucial for maintenance and should be done every six months. If you’ve driven your car longer than the recommended time interval without an oil change, visit a service center. Regular oil changes are vital in keeping your car running efficiently. They ensure that your engine stays healthy and lasts longer. Join us at Quirk Volkswagen in Manchester, NH, to schedule an appointment today! 

How Does Ignoring Oil Changes Affect Your Vehicle?

Lubricating oil is what keeps the engine running smoothly. It prevents excessive heat, wear, and tear on the moving parts in an engine. After prolonged use, lubricants will begin to lose their ability to effectively and efficiently perform their intended role. Thus, ignoring an oil change can lead to significant damage to your vehicle’s engine.

An image of the front bonnet of the 2022 Volkswagen
An image of oil changing process of the 2022 Volkswagen.

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