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When to get new wiper blades

How often should you change your windshield wiper blades?

It’s easy to forget about your windshield wiper blades. In fact, most people don’t think about replacing them until they become nearly non-functional. It’s best to change your windshield wiper blades often, because they’re important for clearing up your line of sight while driving. Check out our blog to see how often you should change your windshield wiper blades!

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water droplets on a windshieldThe frequency with which you should change your wiper blades depends on what type of wiper blades you have. Cheaper blades will need to be changed more frequently, while higher quality wiper blades will usually last longer. In general, it’s recommended that you replace them every year or so. Of course, certain weather conditions will affect how frequently they need to be changed. Ice, snow, and dirt can damage the wiper blades over time, and excessive use will also increase their wear.

Signs that you need a wheel alignment

Signs that your windshield wipers are going bad

There are some pretty simple signs that will tell you that the wiper blades are going bad. The most obvious sign, and usually what people wait for before getting new wiper blades, is streaks when the blades swipe across the windshield. Other signs include corrosion in the metal components of the wipers or cracks and tears in the rubber parts of the blade.

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