man judging a car's value

How to slow down your vehicle’s depreciation

Steps to take to keep the value of your vehicle up 

If you own a vehicle, then you probably know all about car depreciation. It means that the longer a vehicle is owned, the less its value is. However, there are several ways to keep the value of your vehicle high. Keep reading to learn how to slow down your vehicle’s depreciation. 

Four steps to improve the value of your vehicle 

Research the depreciation of your vehicle’s make and model 

Different vehicles retain value for different periods of time. Some makes and models retain value for much longer because people know the brand to be trustworthy and the vehicles to be dependable. Before you buy a vehicle, research how well it usually retains its resale value. 

Keep up with suggested regular maintenance and keep track of appointments 

Nothing ruins the value of a vehicle more than a maintenance issue. You’ll want to be proactive about vehicle maintenance. Follow the suggested maintenance intervals for your make and model. Schedule regular oil changes and vehicle inspections. 

Furthermore, make sure to keep a record of your maintenance appointments. Future buyers will appreciate the proof that you took care of your vehicle. Plus, it will give them an idea of what to expect. 

Don’t drive your vehicle on unnecessary trips 

Some of us love driving. Unfortunately, a vehicle with many miles on it has less value than a vehicle with fewer miles. Try to drive only for necessary things and keep the joy rides to a minimum if you really want to slow down your vehicle’s depreciation.  

Drive carefully and park responsibly 

Getting into a car accident can speed up the depreciation of your vehicle. No one wants to get into a car accident, of course, but most car accidents are preventable. Slow down in poor weather, never drive distracted, and always read road signs as they come. Even a minor accident can put dents in your vehicle. 

You should also take care when parking your vehicle. No one likes a person who parks on the line of their spot. Not only is it unhelpful for other drivers, but it also makes it more likely that your vehicle will get scratched by the opening door of another vehicle. If your vehicle does have any cosmetic issues, make sure to fix these before reselling. Vehicle paint pens are cheap and easy to use.