Is my transmission going bad?

Signs of a failing transmission

Vehicle catastrophes happen, and one of the many issues you can experience over the lifespan of your vehicle is a failing transmission. The transmission is what helps you switch gears and provides speed and torque conversions, so you need this part to be able to go from slow speeds to fast speeds. Take a look at some of the signs below that will indicate that your transmission is failing!

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2020 VW Passat automatic transmissionGear slipping

This is a common issue that almost always indicates the transmission is going bad. Gear changes should be swift and seamless, and if they aren’t, the transmission is failing.

Strange smells

The transmission fluid has a unique odor, and if you notice a strange smell, it could be the transmission fluid leaking. This component is intended to lubricate moving parts, and without it, there will be a lot of grinding.

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Grinding noise

As mentioned above, a grinding noise under the hood is often due to a failing transmission, whether the transmission fluid is leaking or something else is acting up.

Transmission warning light is on

Most newer cars are equipped with a transmission warning light. If that’s the case, it should basically indicate for you that you need to service the transmission.

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