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Prepare Your Volkswagen for Winter at Quirk Volkswagen

Why Do My Brakes Make a Squealing Noise When It’s Cold? 

With Christmas and New Year’s Eve a few weeks away, you know that winter is here! It’s time to go out and enjoy the fun-filled December with your friends and family. If you want to enjoy the holiday season without any disruptions, you must take care of your vehicle just how you take care of yourself. That’s right! You need to give your Volkswagen a winter makeover if you want it to be in its best working condition.  

We noticed many drivers worrying over their brakes, making a squealing noise when it’s cold. To avoid situations like that, you can keep your Volkswagen ready for winter at Quirk Volkswagen without any hassle. All you need to do is visit our dealership in Manchester, NH, and our team of experts will take care of the rest. 

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Tips to Prepare Your Car for Winter 

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  • Winter weather could be brutal on your Volkswagen and its engine. To protect your vehicle from any damage, you can do the following: 
  • Get winter tires for your Volkswagen to improve safety while driving in icy conditions. Winter tires provide better traction in snow and slush to protect you on the road. 
  • Get your battery, brakes, lights, and heating system checked by professionals so that you are never stranded on the road.  
  • Change the wiper blades to winter blades as they are heavier and quickly push away snow and ice. 
  • Ensure that there is always enough windshield washer so that you don’t have to worry about cleaning your windshield in various situations. 

Why Choose Quirk Volkswagen to Prepare Your Car for Winter? 

At Quirk Volkswagen, we have a team of experts to take care of your Volkswagen in the best possible way. No matter why you visit our service department, we provide a suite of services just because you chose us. Moreover, while we service your Volkswagen, you can wait in our comfortable lounge with Wi-fi and refreshments. Feel free to contact us at 603-626-7000 for any other questions.