2019 VW Arteon parked on pier

2019 Volkswagen Arteon | Manchester, NH

Are you looking for a premium sedan without an exorbitant price tag? Conventional wisdom tells us that you would probably be out of luck. However, Volkswagen disagrees. They’ve done away with exceptionally high prices for luxurious experiences. Meet the 2019 Volkswagen Arteon.

A first-generation mid-size luxury sedan, the Arteon seeks to upset the expectations that a premium experience is only for the wealthy. Take a look at how the Arteon is changing up the luxury car market.

New Luxury Sedan in Manchester, NH

Affordable Luxury

The ride comfort for the Arteon is excellent. It has an adaptive suspension that absorbs road imperfections really well, making driving a breeze on the highway and in the city alike. The seats are incredibly comfy and supportive. All-day road trips are no problem thanks to the well-shaped seats. The available seat ventilation helps you regulate temperature on hot and cool days. Speaking of temperature, the climate control is comprehensive, with three-zone control. The rear cabin has its own climate panel and the rear seats themselves are heated. The Arteon is the epitome of “set it and forget it” comfort when it comes to heating or cooling.

Innovative Tech Integration

The Arteon, unlike some competitors, has standard smartphone integration. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay work perfectly, and couple well with the Volkswagen voice control. The navigation system is one of the best in its class. It allows navigation instructions to appear on the touchscreen or through the Volkswagen Digital Cockpit instrument cluster. There are plenty of driver assistance features like adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring, and lane keep assist. The Arteon also has Car-Net® compatibility, the proprietary Volkswagen service designed to keep you connected to your car via smartphone, no matter where you go.

2019 Arteon front-end close-up
2019 Arteon seating showcase
2019 Arteon rear-end close-up

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