Types of fluids:

Your Volkswagen has several fluids that allow it to operate efficiently and safely. Your brakes, power steering, engine coolant system, and windshield wipers all require their own fluids to operate. We've created this page to help you learn about your Volkswagens systems and identify when you need service.

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Windshield wiper fluid,  yellow cap, service

Windshield Washer Fluid:

Driving is a lot easier with a clean windshield. windshield washer fluid helps you clean dirt, frost, and other debris off your windshield. Whether you need new wipers or a fluid refill our service center are ready help you.

Power Steering Fluid:

When you turn your steering wheel you are assisted by the hydraulic fluid in your power steering system that allows you to turn your tires. If you find it is increasing difficult to turn your steering wheel or your hear a screeching noise when taking a turn your power steering fluid may be low and it is a good time to schedule a service appointment. 

Power steering fluid, service, yellow cap.
Brake Fluid, Brake fluid service, yellow cap.

Brake Fluid:

Just like your power steering your brakes use fluid to aid you in operating your vehicle. Your brake fluid helps you slow down your vehicle without much pressure if you begin to notice you need more pressure to slow down your vehicle your brake fluid may need a refill. Driving with low brake fluid causes unnecessary stress on parts and can make it harder to avoid collisions.

Engine Coolant:

Engines get hot which can cause damage and decrease performance if not properly managed. Engine coolant helps to cool off your engine and can even help with fuel economy. If you notice your fuel efficiency changes drastically or your vehicle is producing more emissions it may be time to get a coolant flush. 

Engine coolant, yellow cap, coolant flush
differential gear, diffrential oil, maintenance, service

Differential Fluid:

Your Vehicles differential relies on fluid to keep its components working efficiently and reduce friction to help prevent wear. With low or old fluid you may hear grinding or clanking while driving, if this happens schedule service before permanent damage occurs.