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What we offer

Regularly scheduled oil changes is an integral part to the lifespan of you Volkswagen. Many issues can arise from low or dirty oil such as poor engine performance, bad fuel economy, or even engine failure. The best way to avoid costly repairs in the future is to take advantage of the professional oil change services offered by our Certified service technicians. whether you have dirty oil, low oil an old filter or just need some repairs our certified service technicians will provide the service your vehicle needs to get back on the road.

Know When To Schedule Service

without regularly scheduled oil changes your Volkswagen could experience costly engine damage or even engine failure. Its important to know when its time for an oil change, your vehicle may have a Oil life monitoring system that will indicate when its time, if not check your manufacturer service manual for their recommendation. You could also take advantage of VW cares, which is a pre-paid scheduled maintenance service so you never forget to service your Volkswagen.

Service Xpress

We know its difficult to set aside time for a service appointment that's why we offer Volkswagen Service Xpress. With Service Xpress you'll get the same high quality service you've come to expect but with no appointment needed. Click the link to learn more about Volkswagen Service Xpress.

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Signs You May Need Service

Oil stains, oil puddles, oil leak.




Oil stains under your car could be a sign of a bigger problem.

If you find oil puddles or oil stains underneath you Volkswagen its time to bring your vehicle in for service. An oil leak can be a sign of worn parts which could lead to larger repair costs in the future. When you bring you Volkswagen in one of our Certified service technicians will isolate the problem and inform you on the best way to get your car back to peak performance.




Low oil pressure or level can damage your vehicle

If your volkswagens oil level is too low your engine can be permanently damaged due to high amounts of friction. low oil pressure can be caused by low oil level or an oil pump malfunction. If your Volkswagens oil pressure light comes on during engine start and does not turn off immediately its a good time to schedule an appointment to service your vehicle.

Oil level light, oil pressure light, check oil light.