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Should I get a midsize or compact SUV?

Midsize vs compact SUV

If you’re shopping for an SUV, there is one main focal point you need to consider: size. Not all SUVs are built the same. While all SUVs are designed to offer more utility and versatility than the conventional sedan, they also come with a host of features that can make a world of a difference, and the size and cargo capacity should be considered before making a decision. Check out the differences between a midsize vs compact SUV!

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side view of orange Volkswagen Tiguan driving on highwayBenefits of a midsize SUV

The biggest benefit of driving a midsize SUV like the Atlas is its size. For drivers who want more passenger space or cargo volume, the Atlas delivers with up to 96.8 cubic feet of cargo space. Another item to consider is seating. Some midsize SUVs have only two rows of seats while others have three. Lastly, performance is another difference. Midsize SUVs typically have more power and a greater towing capacity than compact SUVs, which allows for more versatility when you need to test the strength of your SUV.

Benefits of compact SUVs

Not all drivers need the extra space and power of a midsize SUV. For drivers with small families or those who only need limited cargo space, a compact SUV may be perfect. While they still have plenty of utility and versatility, compact SUVs will be smaller and easier to handle. They will also offer greater fuel efficiency than midsize SUVs due to having a smaller engine. The Tiguan, a compact SUV, comes in both two or three-row options, which is uncommon for a compact SUV.

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For the last few years, drivers have steadily been making the switch to SUVs as they value all the features and versatility they have to offer. There are other categories of SUVs, but these are the two that Volkswagen carries. Learn more by contacting us or schedule a test drive with us today!